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Date Added: May 17, 2012 01:39:31 PM
Author: Tim Brown
A large amount of money is spent on decorating our homes with furniture; naturally you have to take proper care of it in a particular manner to ensure that it will be long lasting. To sustain clean and attractive upholstery might seem difficult, but why fear when we are here! We will keep your upholstered furniture clean so that it will last for years and years. Here's how our company helps you to wash upholstery, whether it's a couch, sofa, wood, loveseat or favorite chair. Clean-up Dust that rests on the furnishings needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, according to use and climatic changes may be once in a month. Soft furniture We, as a company, with a team of experts, help our customers to keep their upholstery up-to-date! To clean your upholstery, we have a huge number of upholstery cleaners at your service. We send our team to do away with of unpleasant stains on your sofas and chairs. For this, you need some spot cleaning! ATTACK! Detergent plays a very important role in the process of upholstery cleaning. Some detergents cause color loss, others result in soiling of your upholstery while some don’t work at all. So we assure you that our team will utilize gentle cleaning products that are water-free and give an instant dryness without destroying the furniture. Wood furniture Our team will dust the small pieces, articles, hangings of wood with a soft, slightly moist cloth of lukewarm water. Then, we will dry them with the use of soft cloth or a dryer preventing cracking of pieces. Here also, to prevent the beauty of wood, we won’t use chemical products. Experts will clear the dents with the help of specialized company wood cleaners which raises the wood grain. Grazes and marks will be slowly removed by waxed sticks specially made for upholstery wooden furniture. Drying Our company’s cleaning methods will leave your complete furniture dazzling and not even take one day to dry up! Instant dryness in just 4- 6 hours is our promise. Also we are not going to use the method of steam drying just as other cleaning companies do. For speedy drying, our team will let the windows wide open or switch on a fan or an AC in the room. Word of warning You have to call in our experts if your furniture has been damaged by wine or any liquid substance. Extra washing of movable parts like different covers, sofa covers, and bed sheets, etc should be eluded so that they don’t fade very early. Furniture of shady textiles and silk should be prevented from sunlight. Window cleaners should be avoided on wooden furnishings, as they could help in damaging the finishing of your furniture. Sofas, arm chairs and other living room upholstery are more in attention when your pets or children are at home. Dirt and stains are inevitable BUT not permanent. Give our upholstery cleaners a chance to clean your upholstered furniture and feel good as new! Tim Brown writes for – Commercial Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services is a London based upholstery carpet cleaning contractor dedicated to providing a complete range of specialist cleaning services to corporate and private clients throughout London and the surrounding areas. Visit the website for more details.
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