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International Call Centers in India - Root to a Big Tree

Date Added: May 28, 2012 10:33:10 AM
Author: Sumit Bijvani
Category: Business and Economy: Services
It is a known fact that along with being called the land of culture and heritage, India is also called a “land of call centers”. According to a study there about more than 300,000 small and big call centers in India which more than 40% of the total call centers in the world, and according to the same study while it costs more than 19,000 $ per year per employee to maintain a call center in U.S.A and 17,000$ in Australia it costs less than 7,500$ for the same call center outsourcing in India. Moving a step forward we go towards the International call centers in India. As it is evident form the above discussion that opting for call center service in India is very cheap as compared to doing the same in US, UK or even Australia so a majority of these countries outsource their process to call centers in India. As a result of this India is booming with call center companies that offer their services on an international level. These companies provide outsourcing and call center services on a global level with an unmatched quality control, cost efficiency and timely accomplishment. A typical International call center in India offers facilities ranging from data entry to inbound customer care.There are another set of call centers that are called outbound call centers which are also growing at an exponential rate. A standard outbound call center offers services that include Tele-marketing, customer feedback, data mining and many more. What’s with the big picture? Starting with the biggest of them all the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) owes a lot of its present being to the call center industry, also there is nothing wrong is saying that one of the pillars that hold the strong India economy is the simple term “Call Center”. It is also know that the youth of India is being bewitched by this industry as it offers even an average individual with opportunity to grasp his dreams. Call Centers are one of the biggest employment opportunities to the mammoth youth workforce of India. Concluding the topic it can be said that the call center industry in India is the driving force of not only the country’s economy but also plays a vital role in employing and training the worthy youths of India.
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