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Flowers gallery In this flowers gallery contains the all types of flowers categories like garden flowers, orchid flowers, medicinal plants, Cacti plants, Succulent Plants, Vines Creepers, flowers of fragrance, Garden flowers, Himalayan Flowers, Flowering Trees, Bulbous Plants,Grasses,State flowers and Trees, Flowers shapes, flowers parts, leaf shapes, flowers definition, about botanical names, flowers images, flowers details. Orchids ORCHIDS, the most beautiful flowers in god's creation, comprise a unique group of plants. Taxonomically, they represent the most highly evolved family among monocotyledons with 600-800 genera and 25,000-35,000 species. Orchids exhibit an incredible range of diversity in size, shape and colour of their flowers. They are most pampered of the plants and occupy top position among all the flowering plants valued for cut flower production and as potted plants. They are known for their longer lasting and bewitchingly beautiful flowers which fetch a very high price in the international market. Medical plants Ayurveda, the ancient Indian therapeutic measure is renowned as one of the major systems of alternative and complementary medicine. As other herbal systems, greater parts of its medicaments are based on indigenous herbals. And the thorough and fractionate knowledge about the medicinal plant is mandatory for all who is working in the field of Ayurveda, in order to identify and select the appropriate plant for a specific disease. Vines creeper The vines, creepers and climbers in India, Alameda, Laurel Clock Vine, Climbing Aroid, Grape Ivy, are frequently grown along the top of the compound wall or as a cover for walls, as well as at the entrance as an arch. Since, these plants contain soft stems; they grow only with proper support. Vines are generally planted for the purpose of decorating gardens and outer parts of buildings and walls, as other types of plants are unable to cover such vast surfaces Flowers of Fragrance Flowering plants produce volatile chemicals in flowers which evaporate into the air and produce their fragrances (pleasant or sometimes unpleasant -- at least to humans). Presumably, these Specific Flower Fragrance attract pollinating insects, but this is not necessarily so, since we don't know whether insects "smell" the same way humans do.
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